Corporate Social Responsibility: Focused On What Matters

At NBT, we are driven by our commitment to our customers, employees, communities and stockholders. The guiding principles of community banking are embedded in our culture, and they serve as the foundation for our actions today and for the future. The highlights featured in this graphic depict some of the many ways the Company and our people are focused on what matters.

Focus On What Matter Infographic

ESG Commitment

In 2021, NBT’s Board of Directors took formal action to reconfirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability by resolving to define, measure, and highlight our long-established organizational values and corporate responsibility initiatives around the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars.

This more structured framework provides us with the opportunity to better identify and enhance our impact as we move forward. It includes:

  • Oversight of ESG matters at Board level and active participation and monitoring of the Company’s ESG efforts within the Nominating and Governance Committee;
  • Commitment to each of the three pillars with action plans for each pillar;
  • Regular assessment of existing ESG practices within the Company and identification of opportunities for further development; and
  • Public disclosure of the Company’s efforts and measurement.
We welcome feedback on how we are doing and invite you to submit comments to [email protected].

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