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View NBT Bancorps covering analysts, analyst ratings, analyst forecasts, and actuals.
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Watch the recording of NBT Bancorps Annual Meeting, view and download annual reports, proxy statements, and 10-K Reports. Sign up for NBT Bancorp alerts for news and announcements.
Board Committees
View NBT Bancorps Board standing committees and their members, including the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, Audit Committee, Compensation and Benefits Committee and Risk Management Committee.
Board of Directors
View NBT Bancorps Board of Directors, including biographies, skills and qualifications, and photos.
Our employees are NBT Bancorps most valuable resource. Learn more about our wide array of employment opportunities and apply today.
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For general inquiries regarding NBT Bancorp and other lines of business call 1-800-NBT-BANK and select option 7. NBT Bancorp by phone, email, and mailing address--plus Stockholder Information and subscribe to Alerts
Corporate Governance
NBT Bancorp Corporate governance is guided by the principles of community banking and these values are embedded in our culture. They serve as the foundation for our actions today and for the future.
ESG/Social Responsibility
View NBT Bancorps ESG and Social Responsibility stats. NBT Bancorps commitment to good corporate citizenship is based on the principles of community banking that have guided us for over 165 years.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get the facts. The most popular NBT Bancorp FAQs found here.
Get NBT Bancorps latest market snapshot for revenue and earnings, price and volume statistics, balance sheet and income statement.
Investor Relations
For general inquiries regarding NBT Bancorp and other lines of business call 1-800-NBT-BANK and select option 7.
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For all NBT Bancorp investor requests email here or complete and subnit this short form.
NBT Bancorps Executive Management Team biographies, including skills and qualifications, titles and photos.
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Search and view 100 NBT Bancorp News and Press Releases.

Presentations & Events
View and download NBT Bancorp current and past earnings and investor presentations, including The Annual Meeting of Stockholders. View current and past event calendars--including webcasts and downloadable presentations.
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View NBT Bancorps SEC Filings. Search specific forms and groups of forms, view filing dates, view in multiple file options.
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View the current NBT Bancorp stock price, stock charts, historical price lookup, and investment calculator.
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